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  • Coffee Origins: Where It All Began

  • Lucy, I'm Home Part 3

  • Video: Empowering The People

  • Reader's Questions: Can I learn to make better coffee with a cheap brewer?

  • Video: Sey Coffee Roasters

  • Coffee Lovers Radio: Does This Make Your French Press Better?

  • This Month in Coffee and Letter from the Editor and more

Coffee Origins: Where It all Began - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 57
Cappuccino - Coffee Magazine

In The Latest Issue

  • Exploring Coffee by Train

  • Lucy, I'm Home Part 2

  • Video: How Does the Water pump In Your Auto Drip actually work?

  • Reader's Questions: How can I make my coffee naturally sweeter?

  • Video: How to Clean Your Grinder, and Why That's Important

  • Coffee Lovers Radio: The Bloom – Experiments

  • This Month in Coffee and Letter from the Editor and more

What Our Readers Are Saying

After reading the articles, seeing the brilliant pictures, and playing with the graphics, this magazine quickly became a reason to purchase a tablet. There is a lot of depth in this publication not found in many places, yet it's accessible and fun for the average coffee enthusiest.

Jesse Nelson

Founder, Conduit Coffee

Coffee Lover's Magazine is a great read, I learned everything interesting I know about coffee from the mag (e.g. what cupping parties are). If you want to sound interesting in public this magazine is full of coffee stuff other people don't know about that you can share with them about something they drink everyday.

Joshua Valentine

Coffee Lover

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, as long as you are a coffee lover, you will always enjoy Coffee Lover’s Magazine. The fun and informing coffee knowledge, in depth interviews, insightful takeaways…all together they are a delightful companion for all the coffee lovers!

Rex Tseng

Founder, Acaia

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