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Simple Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

The immortal Pumpkin Spice Latte – loved by many, and hated by others (mainly because this is about a tasty coffee drink, and not really the coffee itself). I love a good treat myself, and prefer to make them with as many real ingredients as possible. There will be no bottled syrups here…


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Strong Coffee – What Is It?

Do you want to make your coffee stronger?
Do you want the strongest coffee in the world? Do you think your coffee is weak?

The idea of “strong” coffee is probably the most culturally communicated desire. “How do you like your coffee?” “Strong, and black.” “I don’t care how you make the coffee as long as it’s strong!” And of course the bevy of businesses representing ‘the strongest coffee.’ It’s one of the most demanded things by coffee drinkers everywhere. Yet, there’s seemingly no consistent (or accurate) connection to reality when it comes to individuals knowing what ‘strong coffee’ really is.

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A Simple Cup of Coffee

It all started with a simple cup of coffee and a song. By Michael Harrington It usually starts this way. After the first few minutes with a really good cup of coffee, and if I’m alone, my eyes close around the past.  Sometimes it’s the kind of memory that takes me...

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How The Water You Brew With Will Make or Break Your Coffee…

Watch this episode above, or listen to it on Coffee Lovers Radio Water plays a big role in the brewing of your coffee. As someone interested in making really good coffee accessible to everyone - regardless of your knowledge/experience -...

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What Makes a Winner? – FTO Ethiopia Gedeb by Klatch Coffee Roasters

Klatch Coffee Roasters has been well known in specialty circles for many years. Established in 1993, they are coming up on their 25 year anniversary - now regularly winning awards for their coffee and their service. I’ve had the pleasure...

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Candied Mangoes – Temple Coffee Roasters Panama Morgan Estate Geisha

When down at CoffeeCon LA, end of February, I was fortunate to run across Temple Coffee Roasters. At the end of the show, one of their baristas working the event tossed me a bag of their Panama Morgan Estate Geisha. How...

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Crema Coffee Subscription – A Sample Box Review

There are many coffee subscription companies out there, in the first of a new series on Coffee Lovers TV, I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favorites. On the surface, most of these companies have a similar core. They offer you...

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A Bunch of New Stuff – Cup of Joe 3-6-17

My Cup of Joe episodes lately have been a bit erratic. For those of you new to these videos, they are my sort of 'behind the scenes' of what's going on with Coffee Lovers Magazine and other coffee related stuff. Sometimes I...

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