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Helping Coffee Lovers around the world enriching their lives by drinking and appreciating better coffee.

I started Coffee Lovers Magazine with a simple motivation – to give YOU the opportunity to discover all that is good, delicious, and possible in the world of coffee.

My coffee drinking experiences began with simple delicious drinks like mochas, and flavored lattes. Fat and sugar were the defining characteristics of the coffee I enjoyed in my early years.

But I was always curious to learn more.

One day, I had the fortune of coming across a tiny local cafe, and the barista prepared for me a large array of different coffee drinks – he wanted to show me what was possible.

I took a tentative sip of my first espresso, and was greeted with an explosion of fruit and sugar – lemons, oranges, and pastry. It was like I was drinking something out of the bakery.

I wondered, how could coffee be so incredibly delicious, and no one has ever showed me this before?

I was astounded to discover this massive rift between the average coffee drinker and the best coffee in the world – which is so easily accessible to everyone – separated by a combination of simple lack of experience and layers of condescension.

I’d walk through cafe after cafe, through bookstores, grocery stores – I’d find nothing which could serve as a guide to show not just how delicious coffee can be, but all the people involved in making it.

And so I created Coffee Lovers Magazine. To celebrate the best in the world of coffee, and more importantly to give you the stepping stones to discover everything that is possible, and to understand just why and how this drink is so incredibly precious to so many people.


Joseph Robertson

Joseph Robertson

Owner and Publisher Coffee Lovers Magazine

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