Dave Asprey Interview - Bulletproof Coffee

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Issue 28 – Dave Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee

In this issue, we visit with Dave Asprey – creator of Bulletproof Coffee – and share his story and journey from canned pre-ground robusta to pioneering an entire lifestyle around coffee and producing his own.

Also in this issue:
– a portrait of Lycello, a Ninety Plus Coffee
– The truth behind Caffeine in your coffee. Does Light Roast really have more caffeine in it? Find out…
– Syphon Coffee with Intelligentsia – a video
– Review of an Indonesian Sulawesi Coffee. A unique experience
– A look in New York Coffee History. The Anthora. A monument to an entire culture’s influence on coffee.
– Interview with Beanbox, a new and exciting coffee subscription company tackling the experience in an entirely new way
– news and more

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Kevin Sinnott and CoffeeCon - Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 27


Issue 27 – Feb 2015 – Kevin Sinnott and CoffeeCon

In this issue you will dive into the awesome world of the coffee convention:

– The story of Kevin Sinnott, creator of CoffeeCon and author
– A portrait of Tchembe, a Ninety Plus Feature
– A Beautiful walkthrough of Espresso featuring Intelligentsia (video)
– A look at an evolving Indian Coffee Culture
– The Best Way to Drink Coffee (Long Live the v60)
– An In Depth review of Mountain Air Roasting’s Kenya Giakanja AA (featuring explanation of some of the confusing labeling that coffee gets)
– An Interview with the owners of Quest Coffee – a couple that is dedicated to personally sourcing, importing, and roasting one farmer’s coffee
– A look at a new high end hand grinder – Handground! Now on Kickstarter (get it while you can)

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Coffee Lovers Magazine - Yemeni Coffee IssueCoffee Lovers Magazine Issue 26 – Saving Yemeni Coffee

In this issue, we are proud to present an interview with a man who has dedicated his life to save Yemeni Coffee.

Yemen plays a pivotal role in the development of Coffee throughout the world, as it is the first place outside of Ethiopia to have coffee – and the port of Mocha is largely responsible for coffee’s spread around the world.

So check out this fascinating interview on some history, past, present, and future, that you have never heard before.

Also in this issue:
-A portrait of Juliette
-Coffee Review
-What it Takes to Own a Cafe
-How to: Espresso Tamping!
-Coffee News
-New Years Coffee Resolutions and more…

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Coffee Lovers Magazine Issue 25 CoverCoffee Lovers Magazine Issue 25 – Hacking Decaf

Does the word “Decaf” make you cringe in disgust? Fret no more! This month – it’s Hacking Decaf!

We went deep to the source of the worlds best Decaf to discover what it’s all about – and yes, the best decaf is nearly indistinguishable from regular coffee. Find out how in this issue!

– Celebrate the Holidays with a Gingerbread Latte
– Awesome Coffee Videos
– Review
– and more!

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